How to Turn Your Home Into a Party Room

If you have a room in your home that serves as a gathering or recreation space, installing frameless interior glass windows can exemplify the beauty of your space while offering a spacious ambiance for guests.

Think about the flow of visitors into your room from the perspective of full-time staff members and visitors on busiest days. Are there any areas of bottleneck or confusion?

Decorate the Walls

With so many other party details to take care of, it’s easy for decorations to fall by the wayside. However, with the right ideas and a bold theme, transforming your space into an amazing party room game idea can be a breeze.

Hanging decorations are a great way to dress up any space. You don’t have to ruin your walls with tape or nails and you can always use removable methods for installation.

Start your party off right by hanging some decorative balloons or a prop throne. This will immediately put guests into party mode. Then, as guests move from the entryway to the central party space, the mood will continue to build and heighten.

Set Up a Buffet

A buffet is a beautiful and convenient way to serve dinner, drinks or dessert at a party. Professional caterers use simple guidelines to create stunning food stations that are easy for guests to navigate.

Vary the heights of dishes, trays and platters to add interest and depth. This makes the food look more appetizing and can help prevent spills on your tablecloth.

Plan out how you’ll set up your buffet, keeping in mind the traffic flow. You don’t want the line to block people walking in and out of the room. Ideally, the buffet should start and end on one side of the room to keep the lines moving.

Create a Drink Station

When you’re hosting a gathering for friends and family, a beverage station is the perfect way to keep everyone hydrated. Plus, it adds a fun pop of color to the room!

Display drinks in decorative drink dispensers and buckets of ice. Fill with a variety of liquids, including water (which you can decorate with lemons or cucumber slices) and infused drinks like Cucumber Mint.

To make sure your guests are always served, replenish supplies like ice and extra cups periodically throughout the night. It’s also a good idea to have a few trash receptacles nearby. This will keep the area clean and help your guests stay sanitary.

Set Up a Hors-D’oeuvre Area

The appetizers you serve at your cocktail party can make or break the night. Whether you choose to have a buffet style or hand-out appetizers, there are many delicious options available.

Today hors d’oeuvres have gone international with Scandinavian smorgasbord, Spanish tapas, Greek meze and Egyptian mazza. Complete standing meals can also be offered such as soup “shooters” and salad canapes.

The best hors-d’oeuvres are light enough to offer a tasty treat, but not so filling that your guests will be too full for dinner. Display these on trays and platters that add some height for more visual appeal. Serve with a variety of dips, nuts and crudites as well for added flavor.

Set Up a Game Area

A ping-pong table is a great addition to a home game room, providing entertainment for both kids and adults. A pool table is another option for a party room that can also be used as a lounge.

A game room should include comfortable seating for long gaming sessions. A large leather couch, for instance, offers comfort and a warm room feel. Lighting is an important aspect of any room design. Installing recessed ceiling lights that can be dimmed is an excellent way to set the mood for a room. Add a few table lamps and torchiere floor sconces to complement the overall ambiance.

Create a Lounge

Many homeowners are choosing to convert a bedroom, dining room or extra living space into a party room. This gives you the space you need to entertain without worrying about your guests feeling cramped in your home.

If you have a lounge in your party room game idea, guests can relax on couches or chairs and chat with one another or take the time to catch up with old friends. This seating arrangement also allows for serendipitous moments and side conversations. You will need to move furniture in order to create a lounge, so make sure you set aside 2-3 hours to do this before the party starts.

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