How to Design a Party Room in Your Home

Many builders and remodelers include a room dedicated to entertaining in their designs. It may be a dining room, living room or additional den.

Think through your facility from a full-time staff member’s point of view. What are the flow bottlenecks in and out of your kids party game idea How can you smooth out those areas?


The location of the Party Room is a major factor in hosting successful events. Depending on your entertaining style, you may want it to be open and inviting or private. The room should also be convenient to your home’s kitchen for food preparation and serving.

The ideal space is naturally lit, with large windows, and can be controlled by environmental controls (temperature and humidity). It should have enough square footage to accommodate the number of guests you anticipate. You’ll want to incorporate a passageway and entry that are big enough for the flow of people entering and leaving your party.

Many homeowners remodel or build homes with a dedicated Party Room. Others use their living room, dining room or second den as their Party Room. When choosing a space, consider that the ceiling height needs to be high enough so that guests don’t feel claustrophobic when the party is full. Cathedral, sloped or tray (also known as trey) ceilings work best for this purpose.


Many people build or remodel their homes to include a party room. Depending on your lifestyle and entertaining style, the room can be anything from a living room to an additional dining space. When designing a party room layout, it’s important to have enough seating options for guests.

A good rule of thumb is to provide seats for 20% of your party’s attendees at any given time. This will prevent overcrowding and encourage guest interaction.

Circular seating arrangements are excellent for allowing attendees to move around the room easily. They are also great for networking events and seated dinners. Boardroom style seating provides a similar level of interaction to circular setups but can feel more isolated for attendees who do not have the opportunity to rotate tables or sit with different groups frequently.

It’s recommended to use chair arrangements that are a minimum of 20 inches front to back, as this will ensure attendees do not have to climb over each other. Additionally, avoid sharp corners in the seating arrangement as they create what Feng Shui calls “poison arrows” that can direct negative energy towards specific parts of the room.


Lighting is a key element that can either make or break a party. The right lighting can brighten a room and create an upbeat mood, or it can warm a space and promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Replace any standard overhead lights with dimmer switches. This is a simple fix that will allow you to lower the lights when your guests arrive and raise them again as the night progresses.

Use string lights to add a festive touch to any area of your home. They are available in a variety of colors, and can be used to highlight objects like door frames and windows.

Colored uplighting is an immediate way to change a room’s feel. It paints the room with light that captures your event’s theme and elicits reactions. It can also define a space and highlight important objects in the room. A quick and affordable way to do this is by replacing your existing bulbs with BlissBulb bulbs, which screw into any fixture and give a calming starry sky look.


The decor arrangements you select for your kids party game idea will help set the tone of your event. From welcome signs to personalised banners, tablecloths and balloons, there are a variety of ways to make your space feel festive.

Consider using a combination of latex and foil balloons in various shapes to carry your party’s theme throughout the room. You can even use them to create a photo backdrop for guests to pose in and take home.

Hang photos or other artwork that fit your party’s theme on the walls to add personality and make the space more visually appealing. For example, you could hang wedding or baby photos if you are hosting an anniversary party to celebrate friends who recently got married.

If you want your tables to look more fancy, try wrapping tinsel around serving platters or making paper fans that can double as party favors for your guests. You can also display candles in jars to create a romantic atmosphere for a wedding or rom-com themed party.

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