How to Design a Party Room for a Special Occasion

Room parties can get a bit claustrophobic – especially for those who attend conventions that feature room parties at every hotel. But a few strategic additions can make the experience more comfortable for everyone.

Start with a movable furniture layout. Movable pieces give you the flexibility to arrange furniture according to the theme of the party.

Decorate the Walls

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, themed decorations are an easy way to decorate for the occasion. Hang a variety of different photos and artwork around the room that fit with your theme. You can even frame scraps of ribbon to create a fun garland that can be draped over the walls or along the ceiling.

If you are going with a tropical or beach theme, you can place inflatable palm trees and sand dollar-shaped decor throughout the room. You can also set up a beach umbrella pinata and serve drinks in coconuts. For a more futuristic look, hang silver balloons and add lights in the shape of stars or planets.

Frameless interior glass windows are an elegant addition to any home and can enhance a party room game idea by offering a spacious ambiance for guests. The light will bounce off the glass and reflect on other decorations in the room.

Add Balloons and String Lights

Use balloons to create eye-catching displays and backdrops. Mix and match colors to suit your party theme. For example, a unicorn backdrop can make a stunning focal point in the main room of a birthday celebration. For a fun twist, add LED balloon lights to your displays. These little gems fit inside of latex balloons before they are inflated and glow for up to eight hours. You can also hang string lights on the walls to illuminate the space. Just make sure they don’t obstruct pathways or pose a tripping hazard.

For a unique touch, decorate tables with signs, banners and other special touches that reflect the event’s guest of honor or occasion. This can be especially important for a head table, gift table or other special area of the room.

If your venue has a doorway, construct a galaxy-themed balloon arch to welcome guests as they arrive. It will help set the tone for a cosmic adventure.

Hang Photos

Depending on the theme, hang pictures of people that your guest of honor likes or art that fits the party’s theme. You can use poster-hanging tape when hanging these decorations on painted walls to reduce the risk of paint pulling off.

For a creative, eye-catching photo display, try a framed cluster of photos on one wall. Label each frame with a number and decorate the frames according to the theme for a simple way to display a lot of memories in a single space.

Hanging balloons in a Party Room can be fun and add color to the room. For a more decorative touch, tie lengths of streamers together to form affordable crepe paper bunting and spell out words or names with twisted lengths of the colorful paper. You can also create pretty tassels for chairs by tying lengths of streamers together with a basic knot and adding curling ribbon or balloons.

Decorate the Floor

The floor and furniture layout are a crucial party room game idea design element, especially in homes where the party room also serves as a dining room, gathering room or additional den. Choose a rug with stripes that visually widen the space, advises Meyers. It’s also a good idea to remove any unnecessary clutter from the area, such as shoes and coats.

Lighting is a key component of decorating your party space. Instead of lots of string lights in different colors, opt for a single bright light such as the BlissRadia that cycles through all your theme’s hues with the press of a button or voice command.

Provide conveniently located trash receptacles and buffet lines in easy-to-access areas of the party room to save time during cleanup. Create a comfy lounge space for socializing or casual gaming with a long coffee table, plush carpet and plenty of comfortable pillows and blankets. This doesn’t add the same visual pop as colorful streamers, but it creates a cozy ambiance that’s perfect for happy hour or rom-com night.

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