Add a Stylish Table Lamp to Your Home’s Decor

Visionary Table Lamps are a grea t way to add accent lighting and character to your home. They come in a range of styles to fit your room theme and design preferences.

Lei loves this blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp from Entler as an accent piece for a modern space needing an organic touch. He says it’s “really arresting.”


When shopping for table lamps, you’ll find that there are plenty of different options available. Some are more utilitarian in nature while others function as decorative accents in a room.

Consider a ceramic base, for example, that transforms the fixture into a work of art. You can also choose a metal lamp base to create a modern look, or wood fixtures to complement a rustic environment. The height level of your shade is an important consideration as well. Make sure that it falls at roughly eye-level when you’re seated. This will prevent glares and reduce eye strain. It’s also essential to keep combustible materials and other electrical items away from your table lamp.


A lamp shade adds visual interest to a table and sets a mood in a room. Lamp shades also protect the bulb and create a barrier between your eye and the light source, making them an important design element.

Lamp shade shapes include drums (where the top and bottom are about the same size to let light in a diffused manner), cylinders (where the top is smaller than the bottom to aim light downward in a narrow funnel shape) and empires (where the top is significantly more small than the bottom to produce less uplighting). Some styles have Uno fittings that clip directly onto the socket, removing the need for a harp.

Light Bulbs

A table lamp adds a pop of brightness to your bedroom with its eye-catching design. It is available in many colors and styles, which make it easy to coordinate with other decor. Ellementry brings you a wide range of world-class lamps that are perfect to illuminate your space.

You can opt for a halogen incandescent bulb which gives a warm glow and requires less energy. Alternatively, go for LED bulbs that are softer on the eyes. You can also choose a glass or plastic shade for an elegant and sleek look. Make sure the size of your lamp is proportionate to its location.


Table lamps come in a wide range of styles to fit every decor. Metal lamps are having a moment with their sleek visual appearance and robust materials. Manufactured wood (like MDF, plywood or particleboard) is another popular choice, especially for children’s lamps with fun shapes and bright colors.

Set one on a sofa end table for evening family time to add a soft glow to the space and complement your home’s decor style. You can also use them in an entryway on an accent table or as bedside lamp for reading before sleep. With a variety of base, shade and light bulb choices, table lamps make the perfect decorative addition to any space.


Table lamps are often made of metals or wood, with glass and ceramics also common. Other materials like seashells and bamboo are used to create unique and exotic designs. You can even find table lamp bases that look like pieces of furniture!

Many people use Visionary table lamps in their living rooms to add ambiance. They can also highlight other decor items in the room, or serve a functional purpose like providing task lighting for reading or working.

However, it is important to remember that table lamps are electrical appliances, and that they should be kept away from children as the bulbs can get very hot. It is also important to ensure that the base of the lamp doesn’t scratch the table it rests on.


Whether they’re used to light the path to the bathroom or as a focal point on a dining room table, table lamps are a stylish design staple. A variety of paint techniques allow these pieces to work with nearly any style, making them easy to incorporate into your home’s decor.

To protect your newly spray painted lamp, add a few coats of Polycrylic water-based sealer. After each coat, let dry. Before applying the final coat, make sure the lamp base is clean and tape off any areas you don’t want to paint. This will ensure a smooth, even finish and reduce the risk of accidental spray paint drips.

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