How to Decorate a Party Room in Your Home

Whether you’re remodeling your home or buying a new one, consider homes with an on-site kids party game idea . This is a great feature for those who love to host parties.

It’s an underrated apartment amenity. It acts as a powerful ocean current that moves guests around from room to room, mixing up conversation and social groups.

Decorate the Walls

One of the first things you should do when decorating a party room is hang posters and banners that support your theme. If you want to hang them on painted walls, opt for poster-hanging tape rather than standard tape because it’s less sticky and reduces the risk of pulling paint off the wall.

If your party has a more personal focus, hang photos or other artwork on the walls. Depending on the occasion, this can include wedding photos for an anniversary party or baby photos for a birthday party.

You can also add some ultra-romantic string lights to the room. These come in a variety of colors and can match your party’s theme. If you have some spare ribbon, you can make a pretty garland for the walls or columns and railings in the room. Just run lengths of ribbon together and then loop them into bows to create a festive look. Balloons can also be added to the room, either on their own or grouped in bunches. You can even make a balloon construction that doubles as a backdrop for photos.

Add Balloons and String Lights

If entertaining is a large part of your lifestyle, consider making a room in your home the party zone. Whether you want to create a playroom or transform an empty bedroom into a dance studio, remodeling your space allows for flexibility when hosting guests.

Use glowing balloons to add a pop of color and excitement to your party space. Choose balloons in different shades of the same color to make a monochrome look, or incorporate glow-in-the-dark paint for a more dramatic effect.

String lights can be a beautiful addition to any party space. Combine them with sheer fabric like this luminous muslin to soften the look and feel of a space. Or, drape them over a clear tent to illuminate the space and provide an unforgettable backdrop for portraits. Glow-in-the-dark or fluorescent paint works well on walls, as this slick neon mural demonstrates. Pair it with music that evokes the feeling of space travel or cosmic exploration, such as electronic music or sci-fi soundtracks from movies and video games.

Hang Photos of the Guests

A photo wall is a classic way to display pictures at a kids party game idea. You can add a personal touch by adding small memorabilia to each frame, such as invitations or movie posters. You can also use a digital slideshow to display photos and videos at a party.

Hanging clothespins is a fun and creative way to display photos at a party. You can even let your guests hang their own photos for a fun and interactive experience. To avoid damaging your walls, use twine or ribbon instead of tape or tacks.

Another great way to display photos at a party is to make them into centerpieces. This works best if you’re offering seated dinner. You can use a three-sided picture frame from Amazon, which allows you to create a beautiful centerpiece for each table. This will give your guests a special memento from the event and a fun conversation piece when they sit down to eat.

Decorate the Tables

With your theme established and a central party space in mind, start decorating the room with the items you need to make the room feel like an inviting, fun party environment. You’ll want to create a good first impression with the entryway decorations and then build the mood as guests move from the entryway into your central party area.

The main table will be a focal point for your decor, so you want it to look great and match the rest of the room’s decorations. If you’re using a tablecloth, make sure it’s a solid color that goes well with your overall party theme.

Food stations are a big trend in party decor and offer an alternative to the old-fashioned buffet tables. They give you the opportunity to serve a variety of dishes and allow you to creatively display them. You can even use these stations as a way to display party favors and other decorations.

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